Classic Illustrated Comic Covers 1,000-Piece Collage Puzzle

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Classics Illustrated is a comic book series featuring adaptations of literary classics such as Moby Dick, Hamlet, and Tom Sawyer. Created by Albert Kanter, the series began publication in 1941 with The Three Musketeers and finished its first run in 1971, producing 169 issues. Kanter, recognizing the appeal of early comic books, believed he could use the new medium to introduce young and reluctant readers to "great literature". The series brought abridged, comics-style versions of literary masterpieces to millions of children and adults worldwide. The Classic Illustrated Comic Covers 1,000-Piece Collage Jigsaw Puzzle is a beautiful collage of some of the more notable and popular best sellers, with 31 different covers represented in full vibrant color. Produced on top quality Blue-Board for easy assembly and durability, it is sure to bring back many happy memories and be a challenging, fun puzzle for the whole family. Designed by D.L. Prince. Measures 19 1/4 x 26 5/8 inches when complete. For ages 8 and up.

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