Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Purple Bowtie

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100% purple silk bowtie celebrating the 50th anniversary of BBC's Doctor Who ! Fits necks measuring 15 to 20-inches. Comes packed in a fancy lookin' box! Made from 100% silk and packaged with a fancy schmancy box so you can feel like royalty every time you wear it, it's the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Purple Bowtie! This classy bowtie fits all necks measuring 15 to 20-inches, and comes pre-tied for quick adventures but can be untied, too, for last-minute marriage ceremonies. Imagine a midnight-kissed sky over Orion's Belt speckled with a constellation of exploding stars, and you'll get somewhere close to just how cool this purple silk bowtie will look at your office party, best friend's wedding, or whatever event you choose deserving.

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