Dragon Ball Z Soundless Scouter Set

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Be a part of the Dragon Ball Z series! Incredibly accurate versions of the Scouters used to measure power levels, communicate, find Dragon Balls, and so much more. Set contains a red Scouter and a green Scouter! Soundless version. Finally – you can be just like a character from Dragon Ball Z with an amazing Scouter! The Dragon Ball Z Soundless Scouter Set includes 2 Scouters reminiscent of the one initially seen on Raditz in the very first episode of Dragon Ball Z and afterward on many other characters in the series (mostly villains), including the Saiyans (who stole them from the Tuffles), the Ginyu Force, Frieza, and so many more. With a red Scouter and a green Scouter included in this set, you could pretend to be just about any character that you want! This set contains 2 individually packaged Scouters and includes the following: 1x Green Scouter 1x Red Scouter Ages 4 and up.

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