Gundam 0083 Dendrobium Orchis HGUC Model Kit

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The massive weapons platform featured in Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory has been faithfully reproduced as a 1:144 scale model kit! With a length of 3-feet and width of almost 2-feet, this monstrous model kit features unrivaled detail and mechanisms comparable to the highly regarded Perfect Grade series, and is even larger. A small amount of die-cast metal is integrated in the construction of the fuselage to provide the model kit stability, while screws hold various sections together. Multiple weapon caches can be deployed to show off the giant beam saber claws, large missile tubes, 108 micro-missile packs, chain mine, bazooka, beam rifle, and shield. Also included is the actual Gundam, the HGUC GP03S Stamen along with a special flight stand to display the Dendrobium Orchis in all its gigantic glory. Includes 46 runners, a marking seal, screws, metal plates, and instruction manual.

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