Scrabble 3D World Edition By Charles Fazzino

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Charles Fazzino artwork layered in 3D! Limited to 2,000 pieces! Will look great showcased on your dining room table or hanging on the wall! The Scrabble 3D World Edition By Charles Fazzino is a masterfully detailed and vibrant 3D work of art, created using Charles Fazzino's signature 3D layering technique. This unique edition features custom artwork of the world's most interesting landmarks combined with America's favorite word game. You will find this Scrabble experience truly "out of this world", no matter whether you are placing your Scrabble tiles on the Lighthouse in Maine, the Eiffel Tower in France, or Sydney Opera House in Australia. This limited edition item is truly the most unique and interesting Scrabble edition ever! Charles Fazzino's 3D artwork is layered inside a solid wood frame with tempered glass top and built-in lazy susan to allow the unit to rotate. Includes 100 oversized glass Scrabble tiles with fabric backing and 4 oversized solid wood tile racks, deluxe scorebook with embroidered fabric cover and pencil, and sandtimer with solid wood end caps. The Scrabble 3D World Edition By Charles Fazzino will look as beautiful on the wall as it will showcased in your living room! Limited to 2,000 pieces each made is signed and numbered by Charles Fazzino. Measures about 23-inches tall x 21 2/5-inches wide x 2 3/4-inches long. 2-4 Players. Adult Collectible.

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