The Hobbit Dol Guldur Orc Soldier 1:6 Scale Statue

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From The Hobbit comes the ravenous Dol Guldur Orc Solider! Polystone statue sculpted to represent their likeness in the film! Limited release run of only 500 units worldwide! "Tall, long-limbed, and broad-shouldered, these are no ordinary, bent-backed, stunted Orcs, but a more disciplined and dangerous breed." The Dol Guldur are a fearsome warrior Orc race that fights in pain during the daylight, driven by their thirst for destruction. Sculpted by the same artists that worked on the film, this The Hobbit Dol Guldur Orc Soldier 1:6 Scale Statue features immaculate detail, having poured the same creativity and passion they used on the film into this highly collectable statue. This statue is made with polystone resin and has a limited edition run of just 500 pieces! Measures 19-inches tall x 11 1/2-inches long.

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