The Hobbit King Thorin on Throne Statue

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From The Hobbit comes the King Under the Mountain! Polystone statue sculpted to represent their likeness in the film! Limited release run of only 750 units worldwide! Visit the King Under the Mountain with this King Thorin on Throne Statue! Based off the film The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies , this stunning 1:6 scale statue was designed, sculpted, and painted by artists who worked on the films. Standing about 18-inches tall, this incredible statue successfully captures actor, Richard Armitage's likeness as King Thorin. Take your collection to a new level with this The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies King Thorin on Throne Statue! Made from polystone, this statue measures about 18-inches tall x 13 1/4-inches long. A terrible need gnaws at the soul of the King Under the Mountain. Dragon-sickness it is called by some: an insatiable void that compels Thorin to abandon compassion, honor, reason, and even the bonds of friendship and blood, for all he can think of is the gold. No appeal to his word by Bard can move him to shelter the needy people of Lake-town, no admonishment by his own kin can stir him from his jealous contemplation, nor the slaying of his cousins from the Iron Hills upon his very threshold compel the master of Erebor to join the fight outside. Only Thorin himself can wrestle through this madness and find within him the man he once was, and the king he was supposed to be.

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