The Hobbit Wraith Helm of Khamul the Easterling Statue

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Weta Workshop's The Hobbit Wraith Helm of Khamul the Easterling Statue is a 1:4 scale helmet made from polystone. It's a limited edition of just 750 pieces! Working with original designer Daniel Falconer, 3D artist Mauro Santini digitally captured the fearsome horned helm of Kham–l, second among the nine Ringwraiths, to produce this breathtaking collectible. Ages 14 and up. Summoned from beyond the grave by their master's will, the Ringwraiths rose to challenge the White Council in the tangled ruins of Dol Guldur. Spectral, formless beings, the nine Wraiths could not be seen by mortal eyes lest they robed themselves to walk among the living. The Elves and Istari of the White Council perceived beyond the limits of mortal sight, and to them the Nazg–l appeared as warriors, clad for battle in black mail and plate. Second among the Nine was Kham–l, who had been a king among the peoples of the East. In war, he bore a great spiked mace and a helm made in the fashion of an Easterling warrior, though richly engraved and crowned with wide, curling horns.

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