The Lord of the Rings Fell Beast Bust Statue

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Revisit Middle Earth with this Lord of the Rings Fell Beast Bust Statue! Based on the original illustrations by The Lord of the Rings conceptual designer John Howe, this 18-inch tall bust statue of the Fell Beast comes to life with the help of Weta's skilled artists. Paying careful attention to the beast's structure, The Lord of the Rings sculptor Jamie Beswarick revisited the Fell Beast and helped capture the snarling visage of this powerful creature. Made from polystone, fans can proudly display the Fell Beast on a wall or flat surface using the stand. The Lord of the Rings Fell Beast Bust Statue measures 18-inches tall x 19 1/2-inches long and is a limited edition of 750 pieces. During the War of the Ring, Sauron's Ringwraiths took to the air to scour Middle-earth for the bearer of the One. Borne upon ancient, nameless beasts, fell and terrible, the Nazg–l ranged far and freely, their cries rending the air and striking fear into the hearts of men. When battle came, the Wraiths drove their bat-winged mounts into their enemies' ranks, crushing armor and shattering lines. Soldiers they plucked from battlements, hurling them to their deaths, and horse and rider alike they fed to their beasts upon the blood-soaked field of battle.

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