10-Doh! Hyperactive Monkey Kong Video Game Vinyl Figure

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Awesome classic video game cartridge vinyl figure! The 10-Doh! So Analog Series is a line that collectors won't want to miss out on. Limited edition of 300 pieces! The 10-Doh! line of vinyl figures from Squid Kids Ink is one series that fans of classic cartridge video game systems do not want to miss out on! Resembling a classic video game cartridge from the home entertainment system Nintendo NES, this 10-Doh! Hyperactive Monkey Kong Video Game Cartridge Vinyl Figure by artist Jerome Lu features a little guy with a mallet trying to best a large purple hyperactive monkey and looks like it would be one awesome video game to play. Get ready to jump some barrels and smash that primate, almost kind of like Nintendo's Donkey Kong ! But really, this and Donkey Kong have no resemblances. Measures 7-inches tall and is a limited edition of 300 pieces.

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