Gundam Mk-II (Titans) Mobile Suit Girl AGP Action Figure

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Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the introduction of a Mobile Suit Girl into the ranks of the Armored Girls Project (AGP) series. Welcome the adorably pig-tailed AGP MS Shojo Gundam Mk II (Titans)! She can easily change from the Gundam Mk II style into the Barzam style for double the play value. This special Titans color set comes with original G Defenser support craft. The G Defenser can also be re-arranged as armor! Ages15 and up. Set includes a beam rifle, Vulcan pod, shield, 3 rifle magazines, Barzam parts, grenade launcher, 3 interchangeable face parts, 6 interchangeable hands, an articulated arm, G Defenser, and G Defenser attachment part (back and front x2).

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