Bobblehead Beatdown: A Sports Book for Kids

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BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN — a fun, fast-paced sports book for kids.

BOOBLEHEAD BEATDOWN is a story of courage and friendship in youth football. Blocking, tackling, and route running skills are important on the football field, but life lessons the boys in BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN learn on and off the field are universal.

Author Bo Rush urges all his young readers to, “Keep your dreams alive!” In BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN, 11 year old Zach Fargo dreams that his collection of football bobbleheads comes to life and makes amazing, game-winning touchdowns. Zach has another big dream — to win the Mighty Bowl, the youth football championship. But challenges on and off the football field make that dream seem more and more impossible. Zach learns that facing those challenges is what winning is all about. With time running out in the biggest game of his life, Zach’s only hope is to play like a bobblehead football hero!

Zach’s best friend is Chris Rivera. Chris is a gifted athlete and the best player on the team. But he has a secret that threatens to ruin the Lightning’s football season at the worst possible time. Disaster is avoided when Zach shows Chris the true meaning of friendship. However, when Chris is sidelined, Zach has to step into a role he never expected — the new leader of the Lightning.

While Zach and his Lightning teammates have their eyes on the championship, Coach Charlie MacDuffy knows that it is what’s inside his young players that counts. In this high interest football book for kids, Coach Mac not only builds a winning football program, he helps shape fine young men by leading by example.

“You don’t have to be a football fan to love BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN. You’ll cheer on this team as they struggle to overcome life’s obstacles.” — Lisa Bishop, president elect, California School Librarian Association.

Author Bo Rush wrote BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN for youngsters who love sports, but don’t love to read. His goal is to spark a lifetime of reading. For the young sports fans who already enjoy reading, BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN will be a treasured addition to their book collections.

“BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN is a great, fast paced read for reluctant readers! Perfect for my fourth grade sports enthusiasts.” — Julie Avirett, Language Arts teacher, Broomfield, Colorado.

Not only has Bo Rush created a cast of believable, engaging characters, he takes the reader into the middle of fast and furious football action. You’ll feel like you’re right there in the huddle with the Lightning players. As the season unfolds, each game is filled with thrilling twists and turns. And the unexpected obstacles faced by the boys off the football field are just as surprising and compelling.

BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN’s incredible football action reaches a climax at the championship game. The amazing final play of that game — the “Double Flea Flicker with Extra Sprinkles” — ranks right up there with real-life fantastic finishes, like the Steelers’ “Immaculate Reception”, the Raiders’ “Holy Roller”, Stanford’s “The Play” and Boston College’s “Hail Flutie”. You have to read it to believe it!

This exciting sports book for kids has a reading lexile in the 600-700 range. BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN is ideal for third through fifth grade readers everywhere.

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